Friday, 1 January 2016

Why Nokia failed?

Why did Nokia failed?

The question that we all have in our mind still no one has been able to clearly explain it to us. Well, i am going to tell you why and how did the mobile giant company Nokia was brought down into history.

 World top hand set maker Nokia 14 year old era was succeeded by its competitor Samsung. Nokia has a history and in order to look how nokia failed we must consider taking a breif look at the times of Nokia 'The handset Giant'.

    Now we all know that how revolutionary were the first smartphones we all have back in those days, the Nokia 1100, 3310, and those amazing handy sets. That was the time when Nokia was on up rise with the best hardcore mobile phones in the market. Nokia N95 was considered as World most smartest phone with it's first 5megapixel camera. Well, no doubt Nokia did made the best hardware mobile phones which were rough, strong and effective.  Till 2007 well most of the world Smartphone being used were Nokia.

  Then, came the Ultimate devices, the iPhone in 2007. Apple just changed the outlook that what smartphone should be, a new era of smartphone. Well, Nokia didn't took that in notice and keep on working on cameras and hardware stuff while ignoring the challenges rising in the World, a new era of smartphones having app based operating systems.

  finally came the Androids. Those beastly operating system and with super fast multi function compatibility as compared to Nokia phone running old WAP browsers.
   Leap came and Samsung took the chance and moved with the flow. While, Nokia just didn't wanted to give up the old robust Symbian OS. 

  The Android phones and iphone thus gradually started to take away all the consumers in the World and impressing them with what smartphone could be.  Nokia invested in windows Phone while Samsung invested in Android which really paid off while windows phone at that time didn't.
   Samsung played on multiple OS windows, android and it's own Bada OS in order to have backup plans for everything. Though Nokia didn't and stick to old tradition marketing strategy.
  Nokia investment in Lumia series didn't paid off as lack of apps as compared to Android.

  On low end battle field , companies like ZTE, Huawei, and china mobile industry made Nokia lose it's feet on the ground.  And while Samsung was hitting Nokia hard and hard with the Galaxy series.Windows phone at that time couldn't face Android and Apple. The battle was already shifted to iPhones vs Androids, while windows phone weren't in the league.

   Nokia started to lose it's share as the smartphone market grow.

 The main reason Nokia failed was lack of innovation and making the right decision at right time.
Nokia didn't make the choices at right time.

As when Lumia series was launched in partnership with Microsoft to face off android and iPhone s, it was already too late. if they might have launched earlier, then things would have been different. Though no doubt Nokia made the best hardware devices but lack of innovation in software design and OS, The mighty Nokia was over within nights.
This is how Nokia came a part of History, will always be remembered as the key stone to mobile phone revolution. Microsoft now runs the Lumia Series which are coming back with new ultimate devices powered with windows10 and better processors.

  Microsoft Lumia is the future, as Microsoft is expanding there app store to compete with the android and iOS giants. And as per new Microsoft devices have been seen, they outsmart the latest androids and iPhone s.

lets hope best for the future!